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Few people realize how complicated it is to build, until they find themselves lost in the mists of design options, partiuri, functional schemes, legal issues regarding constructions or even trying to play the role of contractors. Two projects are almost never similar and there is no unique and well determined line to follow.

The architect is the professional who has the education, the training, the experience and the vision to guide himself through the entire design and construction process. He will help you accomplish, with the money you gathered for the construction, what is best for you. The architect sees the whole; not only he draws four walls and a roof, but he creates the total, internal and external environment that satisfies the functional needs and incites towards other dynamic spaces where you work or live.

Regardless of what you may want to do: renovate, extend, build out of pieces, the architect can show you the way. Working with contractors and other construction professionals, the architect can help you draw up a well designed project that complies with all your needs and does not misuse your time and money.

The architect is ALTRIX.

S.C. Altrix Com S.R.L. - Bucuresti, B-dul Unirii 61 , Bl. F3 , Sc. 3 etaj 8
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fax: 021-320 1306
S.C. Altrix Service S.R.L. - Cluj Napoca, Str. Motilor nr.89 (langa ITM Cluj), cod 3400
Contact: Marius Albisor, mobil 0722-589089,tel/fax.0264.450213
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