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Cote procentuale din valoarea de investitie pentru proiectarea lucrarilor cu specific arhitectural. Clasificarea lucrarilor

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How much should you pay the architect?

The answer to this question is in tight connection with the multitude of the services provided by the architect. The more you need services, the more you must invest in architecture services.

What is the architect's fee based on? The value of the fee can be based on:

  • a fixed amount proposed by the architect
  • a fixed amount for a project unit, multiplied with the number of units that appear in the project (for example: square meters, rooms, apartments, beds, reference objects, etc.) a ratio of the construction cost
  • hours of design
  • or on combinations between them

For example: my project is a motel and it is characterized by x accommodation places or by a number of x rooms; is it worth to use these units as calculation basis? Yes, because the income and the amortization of the motel depend on the number of existing accommodation units and because it would be easier for you compare the costs of an accommodation place with the estimate expenses corresponding to this place.


Is it advisable to pay a ratio of the construction cost?

It depends. This implies a rigorous determination of the cost or of what the construction cost includes. It creates quite many problems during periods when the inflation is high, but many architects prefer it when their works last for a long time, thus protecting their fees from diminishing.

The rate is not advisable when the budget is limited to a fixed amount and when the architect is required to obtain as many units as possible. For example: the project theme is a motel, on a pre-established location and the architect is required to design an objective with as many accommodation places as possible.


What does the payable amount proposed by the architect include?

It includes, in general, the costs of the personnel and of the architect, the profit of the design company and it is a matter of negotiation between the beneficiary and the architect.


When should you apply payment per hour?

This is also a matter of negotiation, but generally it is worthwhile when there are too many unknown elements. Most of the projects start this way, until everything is established and the amount can be calculated.

Establish correctly the payment terms, because this will help you plan the investment in the project.

Establish what other expenses you could expect to. "Can I expect engineering services, technical expertise or counseling and/or checking services?"

If all these are established from the beginning, they exempt you from many inconveniences during the progress of the project.


What happens when the owner and the architect fail to reach an agreement regarding payment?

Continue the discussion, maybe certain services can however be provided by the architect; but when everything remains at the stage of mutual agreement, the discussion is no longer needed, it must be interrupted.


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